UFOs & Cryptids

Ben Hansen Live at the Silverado Canyon Community Center

Friday, August 26th @8pm

Ben Hansen Haunted OC

An Evening with Ben Hansen

Set against the remote seclusion and night sky of Silverado Canyon and just a mile from Black Star Canyon, join TV personality and host Ben Hansen for a night of disturbing tales of the other worldly kind from his current series, UFO Encounters on Discovery + , now in its second season. Ben will also explore the topic of cryptid creatures and local canyon lore.

Ben Hansen has been featured as lead investigator on paranormal shows such as “Fact or Faked” Paranormal Files; Ghosts of Morgan City and currently, UFO Witness. He has also made numerous guest appearances on shows such as, Ghost Hunters; Haunted Travels; The Osbourn’s Night of Terror; Paranormal Lockdown; Alien Encounters and as recently as December 2022 as a guest on Fox’s Tucker Carlson regarding UAPs


Adults $29

Meeting Location

Silverado Community Center
27641 Silverado Canyon Rd, Silverado CA


There is ample free parking inside the community center parking lot as well as along the roadside for overflow vehicles.

Additional Info

Under no circumstances are tickets refundable or transferable to other events or tours.
Pets are not permitted. We do not permit smoking or vaping at the location, Guests who arrive under the influence or become disruptive will be asked to leave the event with no refund