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Black Star Canyon Ghost Walk

Just beyond the glow of the city lies a dark place where nocturnal creatures and lost souls seek refuge.

In partnership with Naturalist For You

Quick Details

General Admission Ages 18+ Only
Peak Season Pricing September 8th through November 5th.

Explore Black Star Canyon in Partnership with “Naturalist For You”!

East of Old Town Orange, a rural road winds past rolling foothills en route to the Santa Ana Mountains where the infamous Black Star Canyon awaits curious visitors. After dark, wander up this hiker’s paradise past fragrant shrub land and oak woodland. Cross a bridge over an intermittent creek. Listen for frogs, owls, voices, footsteps and other unseen nocturnal activities.

Learn tragic tales of Spanish soldiers, Indigenous people, mountain men, homesteaders, miners, ranchers, banditos and grizzly bears who may still haunt this ancient landscape. Look for toads, snakes, tarantulas, trapdoor spiders, burrowing scorpions and glowworms. In partnership with “Naturalist For You”, join naturalist, storyteller and local historian Joel Robinson on this three-hour, three-mile hiking tour and investigate the natural history, rumors and mysteries of this legendary canyon. Haunted Orange County strongly recommends sturdy comfortable shoes.

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