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Haunted Disneyland Stories

A collection of short stories, anecdotes and comments submitted by our readers.

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The Locker Ghost Girl

Submitted by David V.

In August of 2019, I saw something at the Disneyland Resort that rattled me to my core. It was just a subtle, creepy moment, but it’s stuck with me ever since.

After Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, my sister and I headed to the theme parks for a late lunch. Since we had bags filled with merchandise from the Expo, we rented a locker near the Disney California Adventure entrance. The parks were crowded that Saturday, and we saw several people wander out of the nearby restroom, wiping the sweat from their foreheads.

The locker area was small, wonderfully cool, and thankfully uncrowded. It was just us and a young girl with fair skin that I noticed out of the corner of my eye. She crouched against the far wall, digging out of a bottom-row locker. As my sister and I chitchatted about our first ride, we kept our voices low as not to bother her. After a couple of minutes, I realized that the girl had been crouching for quite a while. Though I couldn’t tell how old she was, I thought it was odd that she was alone for so long.

I didn’t want to rudely look directly at her, so I kept track from the corner of my eye, just to make sure that she was okay. The girl played with her long, yellow skirt as if dusting it off. I thought the pattern was out of place: either red polka dots or strawberries. It looked like something a person might wear on Dapper Day.

Suddenly, the girl turned around. I stopped keeping track of her and focused on my sister who was stuffing her things into our locker. Still, I could sense the girl’s eyes on us. I looked again from the side, hardly able to see her in my peripheral vision. She was standing now, staring at us. I noticed her short, dirty blonde hair and the skirt’s length as it cascaded to her ankles. She was taller and older than I expected, probably a young teenager.

What was she doing?
Why was she looking at us?
It was just too weird, and I needed to know…

I quickly crammed my bag into the corner locker and shut it. I could still see the girl watching us. All at once, I gave up my reservations and turned around.

No one was there. The locker area was totally empty. There wasn’t a thing that resembled a yellow dress or a girl with fair skin. For a moment, I stared at the emptiness with goosebumps racing down my arms.

“Are we going over to Disneyland?” asked my sister. She looked toward me and noticed my flustered face. “What’s wrong?!”

“Did you see that girl?” I shook. “Near those lockers?”

“Yeah, I saw someone,” my sister muttered. She had noticed the girl, too! But, I didn’t have to explain; my sister was already staring at the empty row of lockers near us. I watched the color swiftly leave her face. “No… no… no!”

I’d told my sister about the ghosts I’d seen at Disneyland before. And now she’d seen one, too. The moment was haunting and darkened the sunny afternoon.

My sister reopened the locker and yanked our things from it. With our arms full, we rushed toward Disneyland, gripping our bags and unable to shake the ghostly girl from our minds.

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New Orleans & Toontown Encounters

Submitted by Mike A.

I worked custodial from 2002-2004 and had some bizarre things happen to me. One night in New Orleans I was emptying the trash from the exit of Haunted Mansion (right where the escalator ramp takes you up). I came the back way down the employee stairs and saw an elderly woman in an antique looking wheelchair sitting in the hallway, I thought nothing of it and opened the door to where the trash can was. As I held the door open with my foot tying the trash bag I thought to myself “what was that guest doing in an employee only hallway? The park has been closed for a while”. When I turned back into the hallway not even 5 seconds later the lady was gone.

I was kind of creeped out but shrugged it off and went about my business. As the night went on I could not stop thinking about that woman in the wheelchair. It wasn’t the rental wheelchairs, this one looked like it was made of wood. I finished my shift and forgot about it. I used to hear tons of stories from coworkers about certain areas being haunted so I would always wander around the park exploring.

Disney is creepy when it is empty so I can see why people would have stories of being watched or have strange feelings. I remember sweeping the line for Roger Rabbit one night and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man standing near me in a navy blue t shirt and black Dickies style shorts. I asked if he needed anything and when I looked up he was gone. I walked pretty fast all the way through the line looking for him and nobody was in there. Nobody was in there because Toontown was closed. It seemed like everyone had a Haunted Mansion, haunted bathroom, Tom Sawyer or Toontown story so I kept the strange things that happened to me to myself. I felt like nobody would believe me anyway.

A few months later I was talking with a woman that had worked there for a long time. Someone had committed suicide in the parking structure that summer so we were talking about deaths in the park and the possibilities of the supernatural. She told me a story about sweeping inside the haunted mansion at the bottom of the elevators after the park closed and seeing an elderly woman in a wheelchair, when she looked up to speak to her, the room was empty. ….I thought to myself “NO WAY how familiar”. I didn’t tell her what happened to me but I had a lump in my throat and felt pretty creeped out for a long time. I was always curious about spirits and the supernatural but wasn’t sure I believed in that kind of stuff. I’m still not sure I believe in that stuff but I cannot explain who those people were or where they came from.


The Men’s Room Basement Ghost

Submitted by Annabel K

So I work in 3rd shift custodial, everyone jokes around about the park being haunted, especially if your new. I was in my first year as a 3rd shift custodial, I had already heard all sorts of ghost stories from other cast members, so I was afraid to work alone any where in the park. At this point I hadn’t had any thing happen to me, till this night. I’ll never forget it.

So I was working in Toontown and I was assigned to work in Mickey’s basement, which is below Mickey’s house. There’s a set of bathrooms, a break room, and a small gym. I started off by cleaning the men’s bathroom then went over to the women’s bathroom. As I was in the women’s bathroom, I started to hear something moving around. I wasn’t sure what it was, I ignored it and continued to work. Then I started to sweep the gym, and again I heard something moving. This time I heard it coming from the men’s bathroom. So I shouted “hello? Anyone in the men’s bathroom?” There was no response, so I took a look in the men’s bathroom, and nothing. No one was in there. So I continue to work.

As I’m in the break room I hear it again. Something moving around in the men’s bathroom. I go look again and the trash can was in the middle of the bathroom. I just thought maybe I didn’t move it back when I was cleaning. So I move it back to the side. I go back to cleaning the break room. Then I started to sweep and mop all the floors. As soon as I started to mop, there it goes again. Movement in the men’s bathroom. I go to look and the trash can was moved again. This time it was in the opposite side of the room. That’s when I started to get scared. I moved it back and was trying to rush out of there. I had already finished the bathrooms and the gym. When I was half way done in the break room I hear the trash can move again, and this time I ignore it and try to move as fast as I can.

At this point I’m scared, I don’t even want to be down there. I’m thinking in my head “if there’s something down here, it cant hurt me. I just need to hurry, I’m almost done” and that’s when I hear, right off my left shoulder “get out” in the most creepiest voice. I kind of froze, I could feel my hairs standing straight up. I grabbed all my stuff and ran out of there. I didn’t finish moping. I was just so scared I didn’t want to finish. I just ran out of there.

Till this day, I wont step foot down there alone. After that, I had heard other stories from other cast members who had experiences down there. And every story had something to do with the men’s bathroom. From hearing things and seeing shadow figures. I have had other experiences in the park, but this one was the scariest.


Tiki Terror

Submitted by Luiza G.

It’s my hubby’s story. He a cast member works at Tangaroa Terrace and he has been telling me they have a very active poltergeist at the new outside bar. People have been hearing voices, things flying off shelves. Downstairs in the pantry footsteps been heard and most recently for him he saw a metal container float four feet up in the air and then drop. It was an ice metal cup within a cup. The ghost has become more active since Tangaroa Terrace had been remodeled. It’s not a harmful spirit, it’s their friendly ghost.


Soarin’ Spirits Over California

Submitted by Andy A.

I used to work for the resort back in 2014 when it was called Soarin’ Over California. There are two theaters, Theater A & Theater B. B side was supposed to be the haunted theater. That’s the theater that oddly breaks down most of the time. The story behind it was that California adventure used to be a parking lot. Trams used to take people from their cars to the entrances. Well one day when the trams were going by, a little girl happened to walk in the middle of the street and the tram ran her over.

As you’re flight takes off, there’s a cast member always in the theater watching to make sure the guests are okay and that the ride is operating properly. I was the lucky one this time and was working in that position. Below the screen is a basement, and no one is aloud down there during the duration of the flight. While in flight, I was watching the monitors, all of a sudden I hear footsteps either going up or down the stairs from the basement. I turned around and no one was there! I turned back around nervously waiting for the flight to end. At that moment, I felt like I was being watched from behind. The hairs on my arm stood up. After that day, I always had someone trade me their position. Pretty creepy!



Submitted by Stacey B.

I have a gift and on occasion whenever I enter the park and I am not caught up in the thrill of just being in Disneyland I can sense the presence of unseen beings in various sections of the park, like for instance the Haunted Mansion every now and then I get the feeling of a being observing me it is an intent feeling, as well as the strong sense along main street that all is not as it seems in this happy place an underlying sense of foreboding and distress.


Spirit Children

Submitted by Tim R.

I used to work the swing shift at the stroller shop. One night I was clearing Fantasyland of strollers just past 1:00am. A coworker and I were between the carousel and Dumbo when we heard children laughing. We decided to find security to let them know there were still guests in the park, but as we started walking towards Matterhorn, Dumbo turned on, music and all. Since we had just finished collecting strollers from the Casey Jones/Dumbo queue, we knew there weren’t any attractions Cast Members operating the ride.


Playful Children After Closing?

Submitted by Noemi B.

I used to work as an artist there for about 5 years… the first week there I was spooked by the sound of kids playing in the halls of the storage area (New Orleans Square by the courtyard staircase) after closing hours. It took me a while that to put together that we were closed and there shouldn’t have been little kids there… also closing in front of the Pirates of the Caribbean exit I got messed with , and my niece saw the same ghost guy by the Cast Member eating area/storage. Disney is definitely the most haunted place I’ve ever been!


The Phantom Chef

Submitted by Deanna M.

I remember coming across a chef/cook in our brake room storage area. At this time they where doing some construction in our brake room. While I was on my lunch brake, I was alone in the lunch room minding my business eating lunch. Of course Cast Members come and go to walk back stage as needed. Well at this time he did come from back stage where some chefs or cooks come by to walk on stage to get back to work. Now like I said at this time there was construction going on from what I remember he looked at me and smiled and went on his way. At this time I just acknowledged him and smiled back. Nothing came to my mind that this man was a ghostly friend. When I got home I noticed that I didn’t hear the steps going out on stage or hear the elevator go up! Our brake room was small enough I hear anyone come in and out of this brake room. One day everything clicked when my aunt and I where talking about it and that’s when I realized that I saw a ghost.


A Token of Remembrance

Submitted by Dawn B.

There was a woman in queue for the Haunted Mansion and she seemed sad. The attraction greater at the foyer asked her why she was sad. She shared a story of her teenage son who had been diagnosed with cancer. She had promised him they would come to Disneyland together when he got better. He unfortunately never did and passed away. She was carrying with her a photo of the 2 of them together and showed it to the Cast Member. He asked her if he could have the photo and he would place it in the ballroom and they could be at Disneyland forever together. The photo used to be under the second plate from the left on the table. Yes I’ve actually seen the photo. It has since been moved to behind the small settee under the staircase.


Ghostly Guests

Submitted by Jacqueline S.

Once my mom and I endeavored to ride by ourselves The Haunted Mansion on the last ride of the night. We got in just as they closed the gates at midnight and waited a minute in the gallery to let all the other guests board first. Once some space had passed, we got in our doom buggy for our solo midnight ride. But as we rounded Madam Leota’s room, we were shocked and disappointed. We looked across the room and saw full doom buggies! Men, women, and children. We figured they opened up the gates to let one more large group on. Oh well. When we got to the end to disembark, there was no cast member present so we decided to linger in the mausoleum before ascending to the world of the living. And what did we see? Nothing but empty doom buggies! No people at all! We waited and waited. No one was there. True story.


A Pirate Pistol Whip

Submitted by Adee R.

Pirates of the Caribbean’s ride. We sat on the last row of the boat so no one was behind us. I sat on the left side of the boat. Right when we are approaching the big battle of the ships, I got bumped on the side of my head. No one was behind me and it came from behind. I wasn’t in the middle so it wasn’t the people sitting next me that bumped me. I was recording on my phone and upon review I noticed a dark shadow come in to view for just a few seconds when I got bumped on my head.


Comments from Our Various Haunted Disneyland Posts

Sami R.
It was always really haunting to go back stage here. I rarely ever went because I always felt like someone was following or watching me.

Dawn B.
The stock room of the Star Trader that shares a wall with a section of track is also haunted. Cast Members avoid going there alone and feel like they are being pushed down the stairs leading up to it. There is also a spirit of a child that haunts the area around the Splash Mountain drop. He likes to peak over the counter at the Cast Member who closes the Briar Patch merchandise location there.

Susanne S.
I had two friends that worked the canoe ride and they both said they had ghostly experiences of someone touching them or seeing something out in the water but there was nothing there.

Laurie W.
Star Traders Stockrooms are also haunted. I always felt being watched and hearing kids voices laughing. I remember going up to the 4th level stockroom getting plush and hearing children voices.

Lisa K.
Back in the day, cast members would have a locker in a locker room to keep their belongings during their shift and it would also be a place to change out of street clothes and into costume. My locker was inside Space Mountain and, on a few occasions, I’d be in there all alone and hear someone say something and then a door that went to the ride would open and close. A bit creepy late at night.

Sara W.
OMG. My locker was in Space Mountain, too. And yes, it was not uncommon to hear voices and doors opening/shutting. You would look to see if another cast member was around, but the place would be empty.

DeeAynn D.
I worked on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I was walking the track after closing and just around the bend from the first lift, I saw a shadow on the mountain wall walking along with me. It was not my shadow. This shadow figure had on a baseball cap; I did not wear my costume hat when doing a track walk. I saw this figure on several occasions when I closed. Yes, I talked to him every time.

Sherilyn B.
I was working alone to restock Five and Dime. (The merchandise store in Toontown.) Toontown had closed for the night and all the other Cast Members had left. While re-stocking shirts a mug fell off the shelf on the other side of the store. Again no one else in the store but me and I was a good 20 feet away. The shelf is super sturdy and heavy wood attached to the wall.

Pamela B.
When I worked 3rd shift I was cleaning the castle and got pushed plenty of times while on the stairs. The lady who haunts it says it’s her castle and she wants people out.

Vico V.
I worked at the Haunted Mansion and a couple times at night I would be at the boarding area all alone. I would hear people chatting and laughing faintly as if they were coming from the elevator, so I’d step up and be ready to do my lines… But nobody showed up.

Deanna N.
There’s a story of the two little girls that died and frequently haunt the walkway from Fantasyland to Frontierland. You can hear them laughing on the Island too. They apparently died in a flood in the early 1900’s. Before Anaheim became Disney there was a really bad flood. Supposedly they were the farmers children.

Cherilyn B.
I’ve worked as a merchandising stock Cast Member at Star Trader. The 4th floor is indeed creepy. Even before I was told it was haunted. I always felt uneasy up there. In the early 90s a Cast Member named Maria came flying down the stairs after the sock boxes started to pull out by themselves!

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