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A Hike into the Eerie Shadows of Black Star Canyon with Haunted OC

KTLA 5 News

KTLA 5 news reporter Erin Myers interviews Haunted OC's Ernie Alonzo on the show floor pre-opening day at Midsummer Scream 2019 where they hosted seven booths and four themed areas featuring Legendary Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr as well as a Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary mini-museum among others.


Orange County with It’s Hauntings and History is a Paranormal Hub

Orange County Register

Haunted Orange County Highlights some of Old Town Orange’s Spirited Spots

Orange County Register

In Santa Ana Ghost Stories Abound

NBC Los Angeles

Haunted Orange County Meets Heritage Square

NBC Los Angeles

Stroll with Spirit Through Ghostly OC

NBC Los Angeles

Rancho Cucamonga Eeks! The Haunted Winery

NBC Los Angeles

Parties are Materializing for the Haunted Mansion’s 50th

Visit Anaheim

The Spookiest Haunted Walking Tours in Orange County


Beware Of Any Polter-Trysts on Haunted OC’s Haunted History Ghost Walks


Chasing the Paranormal in Orange County

el Don News

Haunted History

The Panther

Rutabegorz Serves Side of Haunting

The Mugly Truth

An in-depth interview and Old Town Orange tour review with Haunted OC's Charles Spratley

Orange County Register

"A Ghostly Tour" A 2010 interview with Haunted OC founder Ernie Alonzo

Magazine Features

Parenting OC

Halloween Edition Featuring Haunted OC's Santa Ana Ghost Walk

OrangeCoast Magazine

OC at night: Hikes to try under the moonlight


Ghost Magnet

GHOST MAGNET With Bridget Marquardt

Haunted Orange County Podcast

Haunted OC welcomes world renowned paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren for a talk on haunted and cursed objects.

Haunted Orange County Podcast

Haunted OC welcomes world renowned paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren Lorraine talks with Ernie on the dangers of the paranormal and Amityville.

Haunted Orange County Podcast

Haunted OC welcomes "From Beyond" stars, Ramiro Ramirez & Psychic AJ Barrera.


Ernie Alonzo & Charles Spratley: Ghost Stories with Haunted OC

Paranormal Underground Radio

Paranormal Underground Radio interviews Haunted OC's Ernie Alonzo & Charles Spratley with paranormal investigator and author FJ Lennon.

Haunted Orange County Podcast

Haunted OC's Ernie Alonzo interviews Gene Secrest, former owner of the Royer Mansion (Donegan Funeral Home) in Old Town Orange. He discusses the history of the home and the shocking ghostly phenomenon experienced by his construction crews.

Haunted Orange County Podcast

Haunted OC's Ernie Alonzo & Dan Martin interview filmmaker, Barry Conrad and spend some time on the infamous "San Pedro Haunting" case. One of the most violent hauntings ever documented.


Orange County Register

Tour the Haunted Places in Orange with Haunted OC

Haunted Orange County

Haunted OC's Ernie Alonzo gives a tour of the Howe-Waffle Mansion (Santa Ana Ghost Walk) to YouTube personality Justin Scarred of Randomland.

Haunted Orange County

Actor Andrew Jacobs, star of Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones, reacts to ghost hunting with Haunted OC at the historic Howe-Waffle Mansion in Downtown Santa Ana.

Haunted Orange County

Haunted OC visits the infamous Wolf Manor, (Clovis Sanitarium) built in 1922 and interviews the owner Scott Wolf. The house is known for its dark energy and and aggressive paranormal activity.

Haunted Orange County

Haunted OC on location in Rochester England for an exclusive interview and tour with local author and monster hunter Neil Arnold.

Haunted Orange County

Haunted OC's Genevieve Federhen interviews actor Gabrielle Walsh after the premier of her new horror film by The Nerdist, "The Hive".


Ghost Hunting Southern California by Sally Richards

Haunted OC is prominently featured documenting a paranormal investigation event that they held at Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles, CA.

Paranormal America by Prof. Christopher Bader

Haunted OC is prominently featured in the book documenting an investigation they held at Chapman University in conjunction with the Department of Sociology and Religious Studies.

Until further notice, city walking tours will be limited to 20 guests and facemasks are mandatory. With the exception of the Santa Ana Ghost Walk, all tours take place outdoors. If you are in a higher risk category and do not feel comfortable entering a building with other guests, avoid booking a Santa Ana tour. Our new Kellogg House tour will resume once museum properties all allowed to reopen.