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The Villa Montezuma Spiritualism Lantern Tour

Join us for a night of beauty, mystery and Spiritualism…all by lantern light.

Quick Details

A generous portion of your ticket proceeds go to the continual historic restoration of The Villa Montezuma.

General Admission Those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult

Explore The Villa Montezuma in San Diego, CA with Only a Lantern to Guide You

Perched above the lights of the historic Gaslamp district of downtown San Diego in the community of Sherman Heights resides a home that for over 130 years has been a mansion known not just for its beauty but for its mystery and the unusual history of its original owner; the majestic Villa Montezuma. Built in 1887 for concert pianist, author, and spiritualist mystic Jesse Shepard, the Villa is now a wonderful house museum, where guests from all over the world can come and step back into the Victorian era. Its rooms speak of a time long gone with polished woods and stunning art glass. Shepard, known throughout Europe for his beautiful piano playing and his concert seances lived only a short time in San Diego but his legacy lives on in the Villa Montezuma. Join your guide, Charles Spratley, for an exclusive tour of the beautiful mansion by lantern light, as we talk about the man, and his magnificent and mysterious mansion. Spratley will conclude the evening giving a brief discussion on the true history of Spiritualism, not what Hollywood has portrayed.

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