Paranormal Dangers

Despite what certain paranormal reality shows may suggest, the spirit world is in fact extremely dangerous. In the Bell Witch case the entity involved administered poison to a resident of the home ultimately killing them. In the famous exorcism of Analese Michele (inspiration for “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”) the girl eventually died from malnutrition […]

Haunted Antiques

Do you spend time with your antiques before you purchase them? In other words, do you really get to know your finds and let your “sixth sense” explore any negative energies present before lugging those potentially haunted antiques home? No? Well, honestly, most people don’t. But according to some psychics, that’s exactly what everyone should do. Assessing […]

Ghosts and the Bible

Because the Bible says very little about these phenomena, the subject of ghosts, apparitions, and hauntings is controversial among followers of Christ. Still, many reliable people have had experiences relating to these phenomena, and their accounts are so strikingly similar that a simple denial of their existence seems unwise. During the Middle Ages, people often […]