In Memoriam

Victorian Mourning Lecture & Exhibit at the Historic Howe-Waffle House


Saturday & Sunday, October 1 & 2

Death and the Victorians

The grim reaper comes for all. Usually it was a simple wrap into a shroud and placed in a small churchyard. If you were of means, you might get a monument and sarcophagus. But it was the Victorians who made death truly beautiful. From black crepe on the doorknobs and covered mirrors to post mortem photography, it was more than just ritual, it was a lifestyle. Reaching its peak with the death of Queen Victoria’s Albert in 1861 and becoming even more refined with technology of the time and the emotional trauma of the Civil War, the Victorian mourning period affected the whole world and changed the way we looked at death and how we treated our newly departed. This exclusive exhibit will include period mourning attire and jewelry, photography, and other ephemera from this period that was at the same time horrific and romantic. The event will also include a virtual lecture on how the Victorians viewed death and some of the ways they chose to observe it.



Adults $26


Attendees may park in the Howe-Waffle Mansion parking lot located on the south side of the house. Parking in the lot is free.

Meeting Location

Howe-Waffle Mansion
120 Civic Center Drive, Santa Ana CA

Located in downtown Santa Ana at the corner of Civic Center Drive and Sycamore St. across the street from the old brick County Courthouse Building. The tour begins in the back patio of the historic Howe-Waffle Mansion.

Six Sessions to Choose From

Sessions run every 90 minutes beginning at 12pm

Please arrive at the start of your scheduled time slot. Video presentation begins on time. Upon arrival, guests will view a video lecture presentation on the history of Victorian mourning practices, seated in a tent outdoors. Following the presentation guests will be escorted into the two front parlors of the house to view the Victorian mourning exhibit.