UFO Witness

UFO Witness Ben Hansen

Close encounters abound with exclusive access to never-before released PROJECT BLUE BOOK FILES in new series UFO Witness First Three Episodes Available on Thursday, January 14 Exclusively on the All-New discovery+ Streaming Service NEW YORK (January 11, 2021) – We are definitely not alone! For more than 70 years, the U.S. government has been documenting sightings and cases […]

Krampus: The Dark Side of Christmas

Krampus & St Nicolas

The Christmas Devil by Charles Spratley When you think of Christmas and the paranormal, you think Dickens. In his immortal classic, A  Christmas Carol, the protagonist learns the joys of the Christmas spirit by the visiting of…well, Christmas Spirits. But we wanted to go deeper into the origins of the holiday. Everyone is familiar with […]

The Ghastly Tales of Christmas Past

Christmas Ghost Stories

Tales From Beyond at Christmas by Charles Spratley The planchette of the Ouija board moves, ever so subtly as, the dead use it to communicate with the living during a séance. Is this a Halloween show? No, it’s the Downton Abbey Christmas special. When people think of a time to tell a ghost story, they […]

The Sin Eaters

Sin Eater - Haunted Orange County

Dinner for One by Charles Spratley The table is set, the food is plentiful and the wine is indeed fine. You don’t mind that your only companion for the meal is a corpse, after all it is them that you came to see, for you are a sin-eater. The history of the sin-eater is a […]

The Occult History of the Third Reich

Occult Influence on the Nazi Party by Charles Spratley A defeated country on the brink of economic collapse became the most dangerous country in Europe in just a few years. Its armies spread across Western Europe like a plague. Their flag struck fear in the population of the areas they took over. Their leader, a […]

The Journey of Death

El Camino Del Diablo by Charles Spratley “The emigrants gave a terrible account of the crossing of the Great Desert, lying west of the Colorado River. They described this region as scorching and sterile – a country of burning salt plains and shifting hills of sand, whose only signs of human visitation are the bones […]

The Flying Dutchman

Nautical Nightmares by Charles Spratley The crashing of the waves and the salty air remind me of my childhood growing up in San Diego. It also, unfortunately, reminds me of my time working on fishing boats as a young man. The cramped quarters, the long hours working the decks. The sounds and smells of the […]

The Beast of Gevaudan

Into The Belly of the Beast by Charles Spratley The year was 1764, a hard year for France. It had just lost the Seven Years War, which ended in 1763 with the Treaty of Paris, the King was deep in debt, and a horrific monster stalked the countryside of Southern France. The first attack will […]

Black Star Canyon

The Unanswered Mysteries of Black Star Canyon by Joel Robinson Back in the fall of 2010, our team of canyon volunteers had just finished a haunted history reenactment in Black Star Canyon.  It was about 10 o’clock at night. Jesse, one of the volunteers, and I parked past the first creek bridge to retrieve some […]

Masonic Ghosts

A Ghostly History of Historic Lodges by Charles Spratley When you take my tour of Old Town Orange and we start the tour early or perhaps I find myself divinely inspired I share a small story with my guests, that of the haunted Masonic Lodge in the plaza area above the Chase Bank branch. The […]